We build companies that work to advance human potential, tackling global challenges in offline internet, device access, and games for learning. We also support companies and organizations that propose solutions to overcome education, equity, and connectivity problems at scale.


Endless Games

Endless Games designs and builds games that teach kids, teens, and college students how to code. We leverage the latest gaming technology (like Unity) to create immersive experiences that encourage players to explore, discover, build, and push the limits of their creativity, effectively transforming consumers into creators.

Endless Studios

Work with game industry pros and other aspiring game makers. Become part of an Endless Studio that creates and releases real games!

The Endless Mission

Play through an ever-expanding collection of video game genres as an unfolding adventure pulls back the curtain on a larger world than you can imagine.


Endless OS Foundation

Endless OS Foundation creates tools and devices that help people around the world understand and take part in the digital economy.

Endless OS

Endless OS is a free, easy-to-use operating system preloaded with over 100 apps, making it useful from the moment you turn it on. Explore what makes Endless OS different, intuitive, and powerful.

Endless Key

The Endless Key is a high-performance USB drive that is designed to provide a robust and safe digital learning environment with apps and high quality learning resources that can be accessed offline.

Endless Pay-As-You-Go PC

The World’s First Pay-As-You-Go PC. PAYG was designed to de-risk loans through a PC locking mechanism, built into the Endless OS.


Hack is a learning playground and platform that lets kids age 10+ explore basic coding concepts and bridge the gap from the virtual to the real with STEAM projects


Device Access

Computing is one of the greatest revolutions in human history, yet it remains out of reach for half the planet, which ultimately limits access to educational content and job opportunities. We partner with organizations that help make desktop computing accessible.


Offline Internet

Simply having a computer is not enough--access to the engaging content that can spark the curiosity of students or help educate is equally important. We want to ensure that those without broadband or internet connectivity are also able to access content, despite their geography or resources. We support organizations committed to making content available offline.


Games for Learning

Computer science and technology skills are key capabilities that broaden job opportunities, and video games are an innovative modality for teaching. We support organizations focused on scaling 21st century skills, particularly those engaging students around computer science and coding education. We also partner with organizations finding new ways of teaching these skill sets creatively through gaming.


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