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What is wrong?

A personal computer is still the primary, all-purpose tool for business and education. But what about those who can’t afford a PC? The PCs that power our kid’s education continue to be expensive for many and yet access to technology is becoming a matter of survival. In America, Millions of people are stuck having to choose between empowering their children through technology access and meeting their family’s basic needs.

What’s at stake?

Owning a PC remains a privilege. Devices are expensive and require additional software that is also costly. Financing for these devices is not accessible to most people due to credit issues. Yet direct purchase is out of reach, and donations cannot scale.

Our solution

While we continue to donate our Endless OS computers that work offline and online, we believe that financing could be a scalable solution. A $200 computer is less than $6/mo over 3 years. If governments, nonprofits, lenders, manufacturers work together - we can bridge the gap. Innovative payment plans can provide more accessible financing options to all - even “risky”- populations.

At Endless OS Foundation, we created the first pay-as-you-go PC (PAYG) - designed to de-risk loans through a PC locking mechanism. If a customer is not able to make the loan payment, the laptop locks. Once they make the payment, customers receive an offline unlock code via text message.

17% of US children live in households without a laptop or desktop computer.
70% of kids in emerging markets don’t have a PC.
$632 USD The average selling price of personal computers in 2019.

“Enabling affordable access to technology is paramount to success in emerging markets”

Matt, Founder of Endless Network

Our projects

Endless OS Foundation

A free app-based OS, chock full of educational games, learning resources and all the everyday apps your family would want. Intuitive and easy to use right out of the box, this powerful educational PC works 100% offline.

Endless Pay-As-You-Go PC

The World’s First Pay-As-You-Go PC. PAYG was designed to de-risk loans through a PC locking mechanism, built into the Endless OS.

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