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What is wrong?

For true productivity in today’s digital economy, the PC is a necessary tool, offering access to education, skill-building, and work. But PCs cost too much—both for individuals and for governments to buy en masse—and they’ll never be cheap enough for everyone to be able to afford in cash.

Our solution

We spent years building one of the world’s cheapest computers and saw that, even at $100, so many families still couldn’t afford it. But when we presented to the same people, and made financing available, half of the families signed up to buy a laptop with small monthly payments.

But we had a problem. Many applicants weren’t creditworthy, and the bank was rejecting 90% of applications.


It was then that we learned about an idea from the microfinance solar industry. Their solar units operated under a pay-as-you-go model, unlocking whenever a payment was made. As a result, repayment rates skyrocketed and banks had assurance that they would get paid.

So we applied this to computers. Now, a PC costs less than a dollar a day.

17% of US children live in households without a laptop or desktop computer.
70% of kids in emerging markets don’t have a PC.
$632 USD The average selling price of personal computers in 2019.

“Enabling affordable access to technology is paramount to success in emerging markets.”

Matt, Founder of Endless Network

Our projects

Endless OS Foundation

A free app-based OS, chock full of educational games, learning resources and all the everyday apps your family would want. Intuitive and easy to use right out of the box, this powerful educational PC works 100% offline.

Endless Pay-As-You-Go PC

The World’s First Pay-As-You-Go PC. PAYG was designed to de-risk loans through a PC locking mechanism, built into the Endless OS.

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