Offline Internet

We believe offline data storage is the solution

What is wrong?

Nearly 4 billion people around the world lack reliable internet access. The internet adoption rate is growing very slowly and faces many political and economic obstacles.

What’s at stake?

Internet access is a must for education, discovery, and communication. Yet in the US, and around the world, billions of people lack access to reliable internet. As the world rapidly approaches a new, digital economy, half of the planet stands to be left out of it. We need a solution fast, and we need to change our approach.

Our solution

We believe storage is a great solution to the internet connectivity challenge. It’s stable, cost-effective, and immediate. Letting people access online content offline is the way to make progress faster - while the broadband gets better. For just $75, we can produce a hard drive that houses every website you can ever visit, enabling immediate access to information and educational resources. If the family does have data available in the area, they can purchase the smallest data packages to refresh their preloaded content, send emails, or check social media.

At Endless Network, we partner with content providers Like Endless OS Foundation, Kolibri, Wide Open School, Kiwix and others to build a rich, app-based, portable knowledge ecosystem that anyone can download to a PC or download or purchase on a USB drive.

3.8 billion people around the world have no internet access.
16 million American school children lack adequate internet or devices to sustain effective distance learning at home.
$75 is the cost of a hard drive that can fit more content than you can consume online in your lifetime.

“You can deliver most of the value of a computer without a data plan”

Matt Dalio

Our projects

Endless Key

The Endless Key is a high-performance USB drive that is designed to provide a robust and safe digital learning environment with apps and high quality learning resources that can be accessed offline.

Endless OS

A free app-based OS, chock full of educational games, learning resources and all the everyday apps your family would want. Intuitive and easy to use right out of the box, this powerful educational PC works 100% offline.

Our partnerships

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Keep All Kids Learning

15 million American schoolchildren don’t have access to internet.

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