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These resources are critical for 15 million American schoolchildren who don’t have consistent access to the internet.

As students, parents, and educators face the unknowns of 2020 and beyond, many are looking to online resources to continue their education, but just as important are offline resources that anyone can download and use offline.

At Endless Network, we are actively mobilizing content creators and organizations to overcome this crisis through our #KeepAllKidsLearning initiative--an initiative to let families without internet access know about offline learning resources, and to encourage content creators to make their educational content available as a free download.

Parents and educators

If you struggle with internet connectivity

Endless OS Foundation

is a nonprofit organization focused on issues of access and affordable technology. They have committed to the #KeepAllKidsLearning initiative by creating the Endless Key. The Endless Key is designed to meet the needs of offline students and those without stable internet access, acting as an offline, portable content library. The Key comes preloaded with over 100 apps and learning resources like Khan Academy, TED-Ed, Wikipedia, and more.

Endless Keys are available as donations to interested educators, schools, and families in need.

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Common Sense

Common Sense is the trusted source that millions of parents and educators turn to for reviews and advice to help them navigate the digital world with their kids. Through the Endless Key Initiative, Common Sense provides specially curated offline interactive lessons and activities for all students and families with limited or no Internet access.

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Learning Equality

Learning Equality focuses on creating and supporting open source education technology to directly address the infrastructural and resource equity gaps that further marginalize learners with limited or no Internet access. They also work to expand the reach of content creators through adapting their materials for use in offline contexts. They exist to ensure that every person in the world has access to quality educational opportunities and the tools they need to succeed.

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Make your content available now

We believe that content creators, educational distribution companies, and EdTech platforms all have a role to play in order to #KeepAllKidsLearning. We are calling on organizations to make (at least some) of their educational content free and downloadable today. Great educational content can inspire kids to learn, and we want to make sure that ALL children have access to its catalytic power.

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