Empowering people through innovative technology in education and healthcare.

Our people-centered approach to technology bridges gaps in education and health - the essential ingredients for communities to unlock their full potential.


We believe every individual should have the means to shape their future, regardless of their starting point.

Education and healthcare are critical enablers for lifelong opportunities.

In education, we empower young people to be creators of technology, not merely consumers. We support students in gaining hands-on experience in game-design, computer science, story telling, art, and music production through direct program delivery and grants to partner organizations.

In healthcare, we support people-centered and technology-enabled healthcare models that empower people and communities and improve outcomes and care experiences. This includes better self-care models, enabling frontline health workers with clinical and diagnostic technologies, and aligning incentives with high quality care.

We dismantle barriers and incubate solutions that deliver on the promise of a connected, equitable world for all.

We have four grant-making priorities:

Games for learning

Jobs of the future will require a solid foundation of digital literacy. Knowledge of coding is at the core of being successful in the digital economy. While not every kid enjoys coding, most kids do love video games. We leverage their engagement in video games to teach kids how to code.

Device access

Owning a desktop or a laptop is out of reach for many families, preventing them from participating in the digital economy. Access to affordable technology is crucial, and while donations make a difference, we believe financing can solve the problem when donations or direct purchases cannot scale.

Offline Internet

When it comes to solving the internet connectivity challenge, we believe that storage is a cost-effective alternative to bandwidth. We create and invest in affordable devices and infrastructure that let people access content offline.

Global Health

We cannot solve persisting global health challenges without investments in modernizing and digitizing primary healthcare systems. We leverage digital health, low-cost diagnostics and AI to strengthen health systems, empower local communities and individuals, deliver quality outcomes and experiences, and foster holistic well-being.


The whole world, empowered.

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